2018 Application for Philanthropic Support

The purpose of the Bloomington Garden Club is to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening; to aid in the protection of native trees, plants and birds; and to encourage civic planting and beautification. The BGC especially supports youth gardening as a way to encourage children to develop a love of the land and horticulture as well as be good stewards of the planet for future generations.


If your proposed project falls within the stated purposes, please submit an application including the following information:

•  A general description of the project

•  The goals of the project

•  Visual materials illustrating the project, if available and applicable

•  Project timeline

•  Detailed budget for the project, including all anticipated expenses and revenue

•  Your evaluation plan

•  Your plan for acknowledging Bloomington Garden Club's role in the project


The fiscal deadline for application is August 1st of each calendar year. Grant proposals may be submitted at any time. You may be contacted by a BGC member to discuss your project in more detail.


Your cover information should include the following facts:

•  Date of application

•  Name of organization, address, phone, website of organization

•  Director of organization or person authorizing application, phone, email

•  Contact person, title, phone, email address

•  Title and location of project

•  Amount of support sought from BGC


Submit completed application to Carol Tumbas, 799 W. Simpson Chapel Road, Bloomington, Indiana 47404

Email: bloomingtongardenclub@gmail.com

(A printable version of this page is not currently available. Please just follow the format outlined here; contact Carol with any questions.)


Criteria and Procedures 

•  Any BGC member in good standing may initiate an application. 

•  Support will be limited to nonprofit organizations.

•  All funded projects must clearly relate to the mission of the BGC.

•  All projects must demonstrate a benefit to the community.

•  The BGC will notify the organization in writing if they have been awarded a grant.

•  A BGC member will be assigned to monitor the project from implementation through completion.

•  Payments to the organization will be made upon receipt of paid invoices/statements to the Bloomington Garden Club Treasurer in

    accordance with the terms of the award.

•  Documentation must be received by June 30th of the fiscal year in which the grant was awarded. 

•  Any unused money will be returned to the BGC grant fund.

•  An organization may apply for only one grant each year, but may reapply in succeeding years.

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